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  • Cindi Knapton

Knittens: My Match 3 Bliss

Mad Hatter Tea Party, Back to (French Film) School, The Baroque Period

I am addicted to Knittens. Why? Because I get to dress kittens up in ridiculous costumes! The Match 3 puzzles are pretty. And… because the game is part of my Netflix subscription, there are no ads. I’ve played several match 3 games and Knittens satisfies my craving for silly time-wasting without trying to upsell me. When I am not in the headspace for a fully immersive game, I get unlimited play, giggles, and creativity!

I get to craft wardrobe items for kittens. Using a huge selection of earned yarn, I can make sweaters, hats, jackets, skirts, scarves, and even leg warmers. Together with the clothing that I have crafted and the prize items that I have won, I create ridiculous ensembles for my kitten, Princess Z.

The Match 3 puzzles are pretty I’m particularly fond of the gem puzzles because of the reflectivity and transparency of the gems, as well as the sparkle animation when a gem mini puzzle ­­is completed. Each of the elements in the puzzles is rendered in beautiful 3D shade and shadow in a vibrant color palette. Above each level, Princess Z in their current costume, oversees the game play. Princess Z gets very animated when their food dish is filled with fish crackers.

Fashion themed user interface dashboards You can go back and play any level again, and… you can re-knit any item if you have a new color scheme in mind.

Kitten Fashion Shows Every weekend there is a themed fashion show competition. I create my kitten’s ensemble, submit it, and vote on other player’s submissions. On Monday the votes are tabulated, and prizes are distributed.

Neon Pride, Octoberfest, Winter Wedding

My usual game blog math is story + mechanic = emotional player experience. But with Knittens there is very little story, except what event I imagine Princess Z is attending in these outlandish outfits. My emotional attachment to this game comes from its silliness, crafting opportunities, visual imagery, and moderately challenging puzzles.

And… have I mentioned that I love it because the game is part of my Netflix subscription, there are no ads? That definitely helps to make a my player emotional experience pleasant.

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