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  • Cindi Knapton

Next Time You're Asked, "What Does it Take to Make a Game?"

Updated: May 30

The next time you're asked "What does it take to make a game?", you can refer the inquirer to this course. I highly recommend this FREE introduction to game writing course from Into Games.

The instructor Casper Field covers all the structural and procedural techniques from initial planning to delivering the game. He uses plain language -- even when explaining our specialized vocabulary of Scrum, Sprint, Crunch & Pipeline. After many of the lectures there are show clips from Indie Game Developers explaining how the discussed scope is implemented in their companies.

I appreciated the emphasis on communication, empathy, self-awareness, & realistic scheduling.

And there's alway something new to learn. I did not know about "Bug Triage". It's just like battlefield triage, categorize the problems into A, B, C, & D groupings. You've got to fix all the "A"s that break the game. You hope to fix the "B"s that don't function as they should. You might fix many of the "C"s that don't look great. And you may or may not fix the "D"s that would be nice to have, but would probably be unnoticeable to the player.

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