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As a narrative designer with a background in architecture, I have an extra bit of magic in my writing tool box. When creating a game story, I include flavorful yet concise location descriptions. Story-driven games with subtext-rich environments enhance gameplay mechanics to create compelling player experiences.

Architecture and Storytelling

Born and raised in San Diego, educated in architecture at Berkeley, I worked in the Bay Area on the design and construction of many, many finance & legal firms. Each was designed to convey a story to their clients: “We are stable, confident, and competent. We know what we are doing. You can trust us.” From there I learned that every built space has been designed to tell a story and evoke a specific emotional response. We literally "read the room" and instantly know our role in the story.

Set Design for Feature Films

I found more pleasure in designing sets for film – particularly world building in science fiction films such as Star Wars Episodes II & III, and Matrix II & III. There the design is speaking silently to the viewer and conveying the texture of each character’s life, their power or lack of power, their level of comfort, and so much more.

Translating Screenwriting skills to Game Writing

Writing my own science fiction and alternative reality screenplays, I achieved some success in competitions. At the 2020 Austin Writers Festival, Susan O'Connor introduced me to the concept of designing story for games. That changed the course of my life by allowing me to integrate my storytelling and design skills with game mechanics. After completing two of Susan's Masterclasses in Game Writing, I had the privilege of being a Teaching Assistant & Community Manager. In that role I supported and encouraged students to elevate their game writing skills.

Bringing My Skills Together in Narrative Design for Video Games

On projects in architecture, through films & screenwriting, to games, I focus on the end-user experience. Also consistent in my work is clear, kind, and thoughtful communication with team members. I use listening, note taking, sketching, flowcharts, story boards, look books, and spreadsheets. I've even been known to act out a story scene. I use any medium at hand to unite the game development team vision.

My most recent role has been as the game writer on a story-driven science fiction adventure game.


Thank you for taking the time to read this,


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