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  • Cindi Knapton

Audible: Do I have a problem?

Well, I am definitely a true Sci-Fi Nerd. I now have the stats to prove it. I do listen to titles on repeat, both for comfort when I fall asleep and analysis of story structure. And I do listen to these books on my daily long, long walks. I love have great sci-fi stories in my ears!

My Favorite Authors and their Books That I listened to in 2022:

John Scalzi -- I love everything of his that I have heard. His wonderful narrators -- Wil Wheaton & Zachary Quinto (The Dispatcher Series) deliver excitement, curiosity, and the perfect level of sarcasm.

•The Kaiju Preservation Society

•The Dispatcher

•Murder by Other Means

•Travel by Bullet

• Agent to the Stars

•Lock In

•Head In

Dennis E. Taylor -- Master of the Bobiverse

• We Are Legion (We Are Bob)

• For We are Many

• All These Worlds

• Heaven's River

Gabrielle Zevin

• Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow -- A Loving Friendship Story set in the world of Game Development

Andy Weir

• Artemis --Weir delivers another thrilling grounded alternate future

Kim Stanley Robinson

• New York 2140 -- one of my favorite climate change/architecture/alt history adventures

• The Years of Rice And Salt

Terry Prachett

• Mort: Discworld, Book 4

• Going Postal

• Making Money

Cixin Liu

• The Three Body Problem -- Covering the past, present, and possible future of China and the Occult, I can't wait to see how this TV series is realized.

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