One-Hour Female Driven Young Adult Future Sci-Fi Adventure

In 2119, Abducted from indigenous Australia and taken to a military occupied space school for young psychic explorers, Charlie must adapt her gift and build a new family among her fellow sensitive students and faculty in order to save the human race from corporate greed.


One-Hour Female Driven Contemporary Sci-Fi Drama

2019, a Virtual Reality programming genius who lacks empathy and a hyper-sensitive story-creator, struggle to build a utopian community while their investor demands that the talents of their team of highly capable, but damaged women be focused on designing debauched fantasies.


Female Driven Travelogue Feature Thriller

A broken-hearted African-American science teacher takes a sabbatical to the treacherous rainforests of Northern Australia where she discovers a human trafficking ring and must fight, not only for her life, but for the lives of her fellow captives.