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In 2020, I met Susan O'Connor of The Narrative Department at the Austin Writer's Festival. She opened my mind and invited me to bring my screenwriting, production design, team building, & creativity to game writing.


There was only one problem, I was born in the age of Atari's Pong and had shunned video games as bang, band, chase, chase, male driven narratives. I had a lot to learn, and I felt like a Crone.

With her push and support I have learned:

1) Games are for all age groups, cultures, orientations, and interests

2) The Game industry is still figuring itself out, so there are no rules to keep old ladies out of the fun

3) Games are hard for everyone, that's the point, they are supposed to be challenging

4) Games can deliver the most immersive, emotional, imaginative experience beyond any other media available

5) Games are a perfect place to combine my writing, producing, design, teaching, and team building experiences

I no longer feel like a Crone. I'm a game writer navigating the the world of game writing just like everyone else.

Thank you, Susan!

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